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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Collective in Torino "La sposina sbagliata": the report

Anna Schoenstein/ the public

On last 30th april i've posted an announce about this collective, inspired by the book of Citra Mudgal ("Dulhin", la sposina in italian), that took place at Torino University Oriental Cultures Department.

the public

The event was very interesting and many students and professors came there to listen to the conference and see the artworks made by the artists.

the public/Anna Schoenstein

The event was introduced by Anna Schoenstein (editor of the book), Alessandra Consolaro (Professor of Hindi languages and translator) and Antonella Prota (artist and curator of the exhibition).
Here u can see the artworks (little installations and the illustration made by myself), hoping to get you the quality of the works:

A last special mention goes to  Luca Rendina, who had his work lost during the transport we weren't able to see his work in the beautiful context of the exhibition.

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