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31 March 2010

ART:inspirations, a brand new Flickr group!

ART:inspirations *invited only* - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Today i have founded a new group in Flickr completely linked to my blog: it is about all that inspire me in art and photography. Clicking on the badge above you can go there. The description:

"This group is based on Digital & Fine Art Photography. We're looking forward to finding high quality & original shots. All that inspire the admin, as you can also see in the linked blog Inspirations - gianmario masala.
We are trying to create a synergy among all the artists to share ideas, thoughts and, why not, new techniques to edit a picture.
Manipulated & Textured creations are especially welcome, and so are artworks with a strong tendency towards editing, but also high quality photographs."

Nobody can post artworks for now (for the future we will see), but needs to be invited. The idea is also to present here in the blog the most interesting artists invited to post in the group, trying to discover aspects of contemporary making art. I hope you will like it!

My ART. [........] Flickr groups

This amazing work deserves an Award - invite only - Post 1/Award 5

The Image you see above is the one used as award in the first flickr group i have founded, about seven months ago, with the help of some friends.
The name was The idea was to put together artists i usually see on Flickr comings from Secondlife, and other virtual worlds (the Sim, Home etc), with real digital artists or photographers. The plan was to create a synergy among the artists, offering the possibility to all to share ideas, thoughts and, why not, new techniques to edit a picture, using mostly photoshop or other manipulating software.
Try to share artworks that confront two very different worlds. Artworks that can offer the possibility of suggestions, developments and inspirational links to help the growth of members of both (or all)‘worlds’. This was the "mission" *smiles*.....
After seen the group start with beautiful results, I founded the other 12 groups (LOL) that could give me the coverage of any kind of "artistic" picture i could get: black and white pix, nudes, lanscapes and seascapes and so on. Here you can follow the links to every group (with a little caption to explain it), So if you take high quality photographs or create digital artworks you may join some of them or even all, simply sending the request in the main page: - invite only - Post 1/Award 3. Get yours at
 about high quality digital and artistic works images. - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about the representation of a life's scene images.

ART.portrait - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about portraits and face shots images.

ART.blur - Post 1 / Award and Fav 2. Get yours at
about blurred, faded, grainy and dynamics images.

ART.body - Post 1 /  Award and Fav 2. Get yours at
about nude bodies images.

ART.color - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about color images.

ART.emo - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about emotional images. - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about expressions of art images.

ART.heart - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1 . Get yours at
 about couples of people images.

ART.mono - Post 1 / Award and Fav 2!. Get yours at
about monochrome images.

ART.scape - Post 1 / Award and Fav 2 . Get yours at
about natural and urban landscape images.

ART.tex - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about textured artistic images.

ART.twilight - Post 1 / Award and Fav 1. Get yours at
about dark images.

Is just among all the thousands and thousands of images got in the pool of all the groups that i discovered the work of amazing artist like Yell Saccani or Solarixx or many others. 

28 March 2010

The art of Yell Saccani

rotten from the inside simple crapp from the outside

blind resources
blind resources

everyday its a good day to loose it
everyday its a good day to loose it

changing weather
changing weather

Yell Saccani is an artist from Israel (with peruvian origins) that creates amazing artworks with her photos and her flickr stream is really inspiring to me. 
Since the first time i've seen her works i've thought about the poetry of Francis Bacon, one of my fav artist, and this was enough to get my complete attention.

The perfect use of the blurred focus and the tormented subjects of her artworks (where the model is herself and her body), with a strong presence of motion in them, make her photos like a painting. 

There is also a great emotional component in her works that really can transmit to the spectator all the meanings the picture contains. Her visions are disturbing maybe, but you can't ignore them, they are strong and they look very instinctive: you can feel her needs to MAKE that photo. 

Yell looks like she can't do anything else than express herself in that powerful and involving way. In every different work she gets a different interesting result, and this why I can't wait to see her new picture again, and again and again.... 

I admin more than 40 groups on Flickr and honestly I would like to invite every new work of Yell in every group of mine; at same time Im happy to accept every photo she sends to my groups. 
You can go to take a look deeper into her photostream, and her website and Facebook too, and I am sure you will feel all the perturbing fascination of her incredible work.

12 March 2010

Gianmario Masala | Art Limited

Just joined Art Limited network and created a personal page.
If you would to take a look: Gianmario Masala | Art Limited

You can see really beautiful works on photography and artworks from all over the world!