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20 January 2012

Landscape #2

Landscape #2
Originally uploaded by Gianmario Masala

This series is the second published part from the set "Landscapes from a farm park south Milan" and they are enclosed in my first personal expo i had in 9th of september 2010 to 19 with my friend Mirko Bozzato, graphic designer and photographer. The farm park of south Milan is a reality which Mirko and I appreciate it's the biggest green area of Milan: a beautiful reality that needs to be protected by building speculation.

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Oh Maria
Come slowly
Come slowly to me
I've been waiting
I didn't
But now I can see

That there's a way out
That there's a way out

That there's a way out
That there's a way out
That there's a way out

All the textures used for this work are from: JoesSistah... , Lenabem , pareeerica , skeletalmess , les brumes , Sooper Tramp , Eddy 07 , una cierta mirada , Boccacino , Keyimagen-Javi , Sick Little Monkey , xd360 , s3ptic-stock , adamned art, rubyblossom, Visualogist , Brenda Starr , Ava Verino , encounter - Laura , cleanzor's photostream , Dirk Wustenhagen's photostream .Thanks very much for their awesome creations.

[Landscapes from farm park south Milan Series] 03/06